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Surface Dressing Services

At CLK Surfacing, we offer our surface dressing services to all domestic and commercial property owners nationwide . Our expert contractors have been working in the trade for many years, making us a well-established, broadly experienced team. Therefore, we are a first-class choice when it comes to having your road surfaced and sealed.

  • Skid resistance

  • Longevity of the road

  • Safety

  • Waterproofing

  • Protects against frost/ice damages

  • Preventing major vehicle damage

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Surface Dressing Services

Get your road surfaced and sealed in one smooth process

Our surface dressing surface is ideal for those who are looking to have their road surfaced and sealed in one smooth process. Commonly, surface dressing is requested due to the many additional benefits that come with the service, including:

Surface dressing is a great way of enhancing protection to the road surface, as well as increasing the skid resistance on the road, making it safer to drive and walk on.

Surface Dressing Services

Our surface dressing service consists of a step by step process, which begins with preparing the road, to ensure the surface is clean and dry. The first step once the road preparation is complete is to spray the entire road surface with a tar-like substance called 'bitumen binder'. This is then followed with an additional layer of evenly distributed small stone chippings, which are then pressed into the road surface using our top-quality rolling machine. At CLK Surfacing, our contractors are all fully qualified and licensed to operate all surfacing equipment and machinery, and ensure the most up to date skills and techniques are used, allowing us to achieve the best possible results.

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Keeping the environment in hazard free condition...

Health & Safety Regulations

As we are a professional team of surface dressing contractors, we are not only fully qualified and licensed to operate all surface dressing machinery and equipment, but we are also kept updated on all current health and safety regulations.

This means that throughout all surface dressing services, all regulations will be adhered to, keeping the environment in a hazard-free condition for the duration of the service.

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